Newcastle Airport

Newcastle AirportNewcastle Airport is the largest in the North East of England and offers a modern up to date travel experience.  The airport handles over four million passengers per year travelling to over 80 destinations both in the UK and abroad including long haul flights.

Newcastle Airport opened on its current site on July 26 1935 after being sighted on a small airfield close to Cramlington for 10 years previous.  The site has developed over the years to what it is today a major hub for the North East of England and an integral part of the North East economy offering jobs and enjoyment for travellers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

The original Newcastle Airport was built for a grand sum of only £35,000 and consisted of a grass runway, one aircraft hangar and workshops which is a far cry from the modern site that exists today.  Once the package holiday was created and the demand for air travel increased passenger numbers increased and so did the list of destinations.

The 1960’s saw a massive overhaul of Newcastle Airports facilities and a new runway was built as well as a control tower.  The 1970’s brought increased demand and the airport saw the first long haul flights to the USA and the upgrading of the site to a regional airport.  Passenger numbers swelled to over 700,000 per year.  The 80’s again saw a massive upgrade in facilities as passenger numbers increased to over one million.

During the 1990’s a massive extension was built and a host of improvements were made and this has continued in to the present day to make sure Newcastle Airport is well equipped to handle the increasing amount of passengers using it.

Newcastle airport is now a bustling hub offering flights to far off destinations with major airlines such as Emirates using it to fly passengers to Dubai and onward to exotic designations.  The introduction of flights to Dubai has opened up the North East region to the Middle East and beyond.

There are many popular destinations that travellers can fly to from Newcastle Airport.  It is popular with business travellers and holiday makers travelling all over Europe and beyond.  Low cost airlines are popular in the North East and Newcastle Airport has regular links to many European cites with airlines such as Easyjet, Jet 2 and Ryanair.

There is also a small flying school located at the airport site and a viewing area for aviation enthusiasts who want to catch a glimpse of a plane or aircraft.