Disabled Facilities at Newcastle Airport

Disabled Facilities at Newcastle Airport

Disabled Facilities at Newcastle Airport

Newcastle airport is well equipped with Disabled Facilities for air passengers and visitors that have special needs.  The facilities are there to aid and provide ease of travel and comfort for travellers.  The facilities include

  • Disabled toilets that are fitted with alarms
  • The use of free wheelchairs (available on request)
  • Assistance when boarding aircraft

If you are travelling and want more information on the Disabled Facilities at Newcastle Airport then we would recommend that you contact the airport in advance.  The number to call is 0870 122 1488.

Travelling by air can sometimes be stressful and with the added complications of dealing with a disability it is important that you plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements before you travel.  This will ensure that you have a safe passage to your aircraft and your time at Newcastle Airport is enjoyable.

Contacting your airline to see if they offer any sort of assistance is also a good idea as it may be included in the price of your fare.

Contacting the airline and airport before you travel and pre arranging any assistance will make for a stress free start to your trip whether it be to a UK destination or overseas.

For more information see Flying with Disability