Jobs at Newcastle Airport

There is an interesting and exciting mix of jobs at Newcastle Airport that are suitable for a range of skills and abilities.  Being the largest airport in the North East of England thousands of passengers pass through the terminal on a daily basis which creates a lot of work for local people.  There are no shortage of transport links to the airport so it is an easy place to get to from anywhere in the North East.

There are a large selection of roles available, here are some examples:

  • Aviation Security
  • Customs
  • Airline Staff
  • Administration
  • Engineers
  • Catering
  • Retail

Latest Job Vacancies

To keep up to date with the latest job vacancies we recommend that you visit the official airport site.  The jobs page always has the latest job vacancies at the airport.  Visit the official jobs page here.

Seasonal Jobs at Newcastle Airport

Due to the nature of an airport there are a lot of seasonal jobs available during the busy summer period.  Air traffic increases through the summer when people are more likely to take a holiday.  When flights and passenger numbers increase the need for staff does to so the need for seasonal workers is greater.  The downside of taking a seasonal job in any industry os that when work drops off there is no need for your services so it is very important to have plans for quieter times of the year.